Take the Wash Test

130,600 Australians are thinking twice about the way they clean* Represents the approximate number of samples distributed nationwide since 08/06/2013
Think Twice - about the way you clean

Take the wash test

Your car, your windows, your dishes or even your dog… When you think about it, can anything really be clean without water? We’ve put the challenge out there: add our new Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths to your routine alongside your regular toilet paper for 10 days and experience a new level of clean for yourself. Thousands of people have tried them, and many are pleasantly surprised at how fresh and clean they feel.

We’re confident that you will also love them, but don’t just take our word for it, see what other twice-minded folk have to say about them, then give them a try for yourself:

  • The cloths were great. Took a little getting used to, but once a routine was firmly established it was nice to be “clean all day”. They are moist but not wet & do the job they intend to. – ShellShep

  • I felt like I’d gone to toilet heaven with the addition of the Cottonelle cloths to my daily routine – the added benefit was the stick on the wall caddy which made access to both toilet paper and the cloth soooo easy! I’m a convert! – Grisel

  • It is a great product for those who like to fell fresh and clean. The wipes are very easy to use and easy to flush away. They are gentle on your skin and will not irritate. Great for toilet training toddlers and grown ups alike. – Jane

  • I loved them I felt clean and fresh all the time I also loved it for my children it was very gentle on their bums! – Salando

  • I loved it, it really does make you feel clean, especially when they have sandpaper for toilet paper at work! It was also a nice thing to have being female and that time of the month for that clean feeling as well. My hubby loved it as he said it gets all the poo out of the hairs on his butt (EWWWWW TMI Hubby), MIL always wanted to try them but has a septic tank and thought she couldn’t use them, she is now a convert. They disappeared so fast from the work was rooms and had heaps of staff coming up to tell me how they were. I now know the toilet habits of several staff members and rather wish I didn’t, LOL – Commett

  • I was converted very quickly to a cottonelle flush able cloths user. could be placed on the wall next to the toilet paper and I loved the convenience of the product being flushable – Dancing Dizzy

  • Love Love Love Kleenex® Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths best thing since sliced bread :) – Mohmum

  • Well i must say I am converted! Loved using the wipes for number 2’s and for that time of the month! They make your bum feel clean and fresh- like you have just got out of a lovely shower! I must say when i forget to take them with me when i am out and about I feel dirty and that the toilet business is just not finished. – Sarah

  • The cleaning cloths take a bit to get used to, but once you try them for a few times, you start to understand what clean really is and feels like! – Emma